BaseEventListener The base interface for listening to events from the SDK. 
Megacool.OnUserIdReceivedListener Listener to get the user id for this device. 
Megacool.ShareCallback Listener to get the latest updated list of Share objects in getShares(ShareCallback)
Megacool.ShareFilter A filter to pass to getShares(ShareCallback, ShareFilter) to only get a selected types of shares back, like INSTALLED


EventListener The extension point for listening to events emitted by the SDK. 
GifImageView A view that can display a GIF. 
LinkClickedEvent A link was clicked by the user. 
Megacool The main interface to the Megacool SDK. 
MegacoolConfig Configure core aspects of the SDK. 
MegacoolFileProvider This is a helper class to serve media attached to shares from the SDK. 
PreviewData The data needed to build a preview. 
PreviewFrame Wrapper for frame data to be shown in a media preview. 
ReceivedShareOpenedEvent This device clicked on a share sent by someone else. 
RecordingConfig Customize how a recording is done and how it's encoded into something that can be shared. 
ReferralCode A referral code is the magic part tacked on to URLs shared through the SDK that allows us to credit a user for inviting others. 
ReferralReceiver Register this as a <receiver> in your AndroidManifest.xml to get referrals from the Google Play store. 
SentShareOpenedEvent A share sent from this device caused the app to be opened by someone else. 
Share Shares are created when you call share(Activity)
ShareActivity Helper activity used to send share intents. 
ShareConfig ShareConfig enables you to customize the share created, to link to a specific section in your game, or add additional data for analytics. 


GifColorTable Configures how colors in the recording should be represented in the GIF. 
Megacool.CaptureMethod Used to specify how captures should be performed. 
OverflowStrategy The overflow strategy chosen for a recording determines how long recordings are compressed down to the target number of frames. 
ShareState Different states a share can be in. 
SharingStrategy Used to define the preferred sharing strategy when an app accepts a file or text, but not both.