public final enum


extends Enum<E extends Enum<E>>
   ↳ java.lang.Enum<E extends java.lang.Enum<E>>
     ↳ co.megacool.megacool.ShareState

Class Overview

Different states a share can be in. All shares start as SENT, becomes CLICKED when it has had at least one link click, and then becomes either OPENED or INSTALLED.

Note that the state only moves in one direction, towards the best outcome that has come from it. Thus a share that receives several link clicks where some lead to re-engagements (OPENED) and some to an install, once the first install happens the state will never change from INSTALLED.

To keep more granualar track of how many installs or re-engagements a share has generated you need to listen to the SentShareOpenedEvent and keep count yourself.


Enum Values
ShareState  CLICKED  The share link has been clicked. 
ShareState  INSTALLED  The share led to at least one new user installing the app. 
ShareState  OPENED  The share led to at least one existing user opening the app. 
ShareState  SENT  The share has been sent. 
Public Methods
static ShareState valueOf(String name)
final static ShareState[] values()
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Enum Values

public static final ShareState CLICKED

The share link has been clicked. This can lead to OPENED, INSTALLED. If this state remains, assume that the receiver didn't complete an install.

Note that depending on where the share was sent this might not mean the recipient clicked on it consciously, it might have been "clicked" automatically by the app to generate a link preview or similar. It's likely the preview was seen by the recipient, but the recipient hasn't necessarily expressed intent to click the share.

public static final ShareState INSTALLED

The share led to at least one new user installing the app.

The share can have generated multiple installs and re-engagements in this state.

public static final ShareState OPENED

The share led to at least one existing user opening the app.

The share can have led to several re-engagements, but no new installs.

public static final ShareState SENT

The share has been sent. This is the default state of a share until something happens with the link.

Public Methods

public static ShareState valueOf (String name)

public static final ShareState[] values ()