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Platform App Custom text Link GIF
Snapchat Yes Yes Still image

Set sharing strategy to MEDIA to make the GIF autoplay in the app. Snapchat doesn't allow the user to see or customize the share text before sending. The link isn't clickable from the app on Android, needs to be copied to the browser.

Last tested: 2019-06-06

Megacool SDK version: 4.3.0

Snapchat No Yes Still image

Use sharing strategy to toggle whether to share GIF or link. When recieved on an iOS device the GIF doesn't have a play symbol on it so not everyone might realize that the media is playable. On Android there's a play symbol. Also in contrast to Android, the user has the ability to add their own text to the share before sending.

Last tested: 2019-05-30

Megacool SDK version: 4.3.0

Explanation of terms:

Custom text
The ability to pre-set the text when sharing to a given app. Users always have the opportunity to change the text before sharing, unless otherwise noted.
Whether a link can be included in the share or not. A link is necessary if you want to power referrals or generate traffic back to your app. If you only want to spread the GIF as widely as possible you can set the SDK to prioritize GIFs instead by setting the sharing strategy to MEDIA.
We use the term GIF here to refer to short, animated, muted video clips. This means that the shared file could be an actual .gif or a MP4 video depending on what the app supports. Even if apps support GIFs, their level of support usually varies between a few different states. We classify the level of support to one of still image, click to play, or autoplay, where autoplay is the best case.

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